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In the middle of the night your spouse cant help but be annoyed by the sound of your snore that could wake up a neighborhood or a whole apartment complex and by fear she takes a clothes pin and closes your nose shut. Till you later wake up from an awful dream of drowning to find somehow a clothes pin ended up on your nose, it could’ve been magic or just a frustrated spouse or in my case my neighbor. Humidifiers and sleeping tubes may seem like a crazy science experience but its time to get out of your comfort zone and give this a try to not just for the sake of your neighbor or spouse but also for a better nights rest for your self. See your self getting a full nights worth of rest to help you tackle the day in any of your activities by being able to focus to the best of your ability on daily tasks.

What is a benefit of a humidifier?

By using a humidifier you can reduce the amount of cotton mouth you feel in the middle of the night, and not have to get up from your sleep to only drink a glass a water. Think about how disrupt-full it is to your sleep when you have to get up and turn on some lights to see. Now your not just dealing with a dry mouth waking you up but also lights waking you up and making it harder to go back to sleep. The airflow from humidifiers is generated by CPAP therapy which in all creates more airflow then what your body is regulated to humidify on its own. Symptoms such as nasal congestion and dry mouth can be remedied with a humidifier.

Do humidifiers help your upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS)?

If you are someone who is already being treated for this and continue to feel the effects of nasal dryness then humidifiers may decrease those symptoms.

DreamStation Auto BiPAP with humidifier and heated tube – DSX700T11

DreamStation BiPAP Pro with humidifier and heated tube DSX600T11

Apex Medical iCH II Auto machine with PVA and Built-In Heated Humidifier (Second Generation)

XT Machine with Heated Humidiifer