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Best White Noise Machine

When you first heard of white noise you might not have had any idea about what it was. How can a noise be white? What is it for?

Well, white noise is a type of noise that is produced when sounds of all different frequencies are combined together.

A very classic example is that of the TV when you haven’t turned it off after watching your favorite show and the channel then goes all white with this static noise. So you then wonder how that is helpful for falling asleep faster and saying goodbye to sleepless nights?

That is because white noise contains all frequencies and is most often used to mask other sounds. So when you hear a loud dog barking, noisy neighbors chatting, or traffic noises, the white noise tends to mask them.

All you can hear is this one noise that lets you focus on it until you fall asleep. This also helps those who are suffering from tinnitus. It serves as a privacy enhancer and sleep aid.

If you do not want to spend money on a white noise machine you can just use a FM radio that is tuned to an unused frequency. But if you would like to invest in a really good machine you need to choose the best and the one worthiest of your budget.

How to choose the best white noise machine

In choosing the best white noise machine you need to remember that it must generate the sound naturally with air. You also need to look for the machine that has recordings of white noise as well as a wide range of soundscapes such as rain, ocean, forests, or rivers.

Make sure too that it does not play the sounds in a loop as this tends to be distracting and thus defeating its purpose of helping you fall asleep faster.

You may also choose the product that has good features such as the ability to actively detect the volume of outside noises and change its own volume to match them. In that way, you do not need to manually adjust the volume as the machine will do it for you.

Also, try looking for a timer feature that makes the product automatically turn off depending on how many minutes you choose it to function. This will mean you let the machine rest and not work the whole night.

The speakers must also be of good quality. You do not want to have low quality speakers that would just annoy your ears instead of please them.

Additionally, look for a machine that is lightweight and can operate on batteries so you can bring it with you even while on a trip or away from home. That way you are sure to be able to sleep great no matter where you are.

What to look for in a good white noise machine

A good white noise machine must be able to produce sound naturally; That means it produces realistic sounds. It must also be flexible in its features so you are able to play around with them.

For instance, at home, you may either charge it through an outlet or using an USB port (since most devices come now with an USB cable). But if you want to bring it while traveling you can still do so as it has a place for batteries.

Also, it must be worth the price. There are a lot of affordable white noise machines that are worthy of your money. It must be easy to use, not complicated. Both young and old users can benefit from these machines so anyone must be able to operate it with ease.

The kind of white noise it produces must also be that soothing and calming kind that would really knock you out in minutes. You need to be wary of those machines that claim to generate white noise but instead it is the disturbing kind, making it totally useless and not at all helpful.

A good white noise machine is the one that will lull you to sleep faster, let you stay asleep the whole night, and will make you feel refreshed and energized the next day.





Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise Sound Machine (White) w/ BONUS SLEEP MASK $$$ 4.5 / 5
LectroFan - White Noise Machine LectroFan White Noise Machine $$$ 4.7 / 5



Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine, Electronic, White, 3.7 Ounce $$ 4.2 / 5
Homedics HDS-1000 Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine $$ 4 / 5
FIGERM White Noise Machine $$ 4/5
Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep SE Special Edition $$$ 4.8 / 5
SONEic – Sleep, Relax and Focus Sound Machine $$ 3.5 / 5
HemingWeigh White Noise Machine $ 4.8 / 5
  Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine $ 3.7 / 5
Marpac Hushh For Baby, Portable White Noise Sound Machine


$$ 4.3 / 5

Have you experienced trouble falling asleep? Well, here is the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine to make you fall asleep in no time!


  • Dohm-DS – The Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation
  • Is coupled with an exceptional asymmetrical fan as well as acoustic housing, which help create the soothing sound of rushing air, the Marpac Signature Sound, without the actual moving air disturbance
  • Allows fully adjustable tone and volume control for you to control your personal sound environment
  • Uses 120 volts, for domestic use only


The Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine has a built in fan that creates the sound of rushing air called the Marpac Signature Sound.

It has been proven and tested to effectively block out noises at a broad range of frequencies that result in a deep and undisturbed sleep all night long.

It has two speeds too and an adjustable tone and volume, allowing you to control your personal sound environment. You can either choose low or high speed, then twist the cap to increase or decrease the sound hole opening size.

It also has a customer service guarantee which is a three-year factory guarantee, eight-foot power cord and three color options like black, white or tan.


It may cause a fire. Experiences of a plastic chemical burning smell occurred after it has been plugged for a while. Some users feel anxious instead of relaxed, even at the lowest volume and speed. There was said to be a racing quality to it that makes it sound as if it’s in a hurry.


A lot of people actually like this product as it indeed helps them to go to sleep faster. Thus, it is recommendable. But because of some complaints regarding its poor quality that causes it to burn, you may have to be wary of where you order.

As mentioned, it has a fan-like sound that is neither mechanical nor cycling or even rattling. It is just a continuous whoosh that helps people to go to sleep faster.

It gives you the control for having two speeds plus the ability to change the sound by adjusting the vent holes. It is easy to use plus, it is padded on the bottom so it does not vibrate. It is truly an amazing product!

LectroFan White Noise Machine

Here comes the LectroFan White Noise Machine, ready to be at your service!

LectroFan – White Noise Machine, 20 Sleep Therapy Sound Options, White 


  • Has ten distinct fan sounds and ten white noise sounds that do not go on loop
  • The sound of rushing air (white noise) is produced in ten unique variations
  • The timer allows you to decide how long the white noise or fan sounds are played in the background
  • Compact and portable to take with you on your next business trip, vacation, or family adventure


The LectroFan White Noise Machine helps drown out disturbing noises. It uses either fan or white noise sounds. It also helps you to sleep during the day.

This tiny machine can block out even the loudest and most disturbing noises that you will be able to sleep like a baby. Truly, this white noise machine will help you fall asleep in just seconds.

This also stands out among other white noise machines since it does not loop its sounds (some customers are distracted with looped sounds). It also does not have that high pitched sound in nature and is somewhat in a lower pitch, which users find great.


Some were disappointed that it broke so easily. Just after a few uses, it already began making irritating background sounds that come and go.

For others, what is mentioned above can already be considered as lucky still. Why? That is because for them, there may be no high pitched or irritating sounds; there were no sounds at all. Yes, just after a few uses, it totally stopped working.


It only has one major issue, and that is being completely broken after a few months. But other than that, a lot of users applaud this product for its ability to block out noises.

It totally lives up to its reputation as an excellent sound blocking machine, making customers very happy and satisfied. So with that, this product is still very much recommended.

Aside from all the mentioned benefits, it has this feature of a timer that shuts off the machine when you are already fast asleep. This is truly the best product for a sound-sensitive light sleeper who is easily awakened with just the slightest of noise.

So if you have any trouble sleeping, purchase this product now and you will be sleeping peacefully in no time!

Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Want to get that dream sleep without waking up in the middle of the night? The Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine will make that happen!


  • Cancels out and masks noises that can distract disturb your sleep
  • For improved sleep and concentration
  • Has three Sound Options – deep white noise, bright white noise and gentle surf.
  • Portable that makes it perfect for travel and on-the-go use
  • Rechargeable and has a convenient USB charging


The Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine is a portable electronic sound machine that you can use for traveling or even on the go!

It is compact and portable that is designed for masking noises anytime, anywhere. It can also create a consistent and soothing sound environment for sleep, concentration and privacy.

It has simple and easy to use interface plus three sound options like bright white noise, gentle surf or deep white noise. You can also recharge it through USB ports that are so convenient, plus it has rechargeable batteries too.

The speaker is of high quality and has a good bass quality. There is no obvious loop point for you to not be distracted.

It has a great form factor too. It measures around three inches and is so lightweight that you can just throw it in your bag and you are good to go.


Some users found the sound button to be faulty. It switches from one sound to another however, the button does not respond from time to time.

If you would also like to rotate through the three sound options, that might be a problem because you can only listen to one sound at a time. Another faulty button is the power button.

It does not charge fast and so some customers need to plug it in the whole time, even just to turn it on! They were also disappointed that despite bringing it back and requesting for a better version, it is still faulty.


With  just some really minor and no-big-deal issues, this white noise machine is a highly recommended product. It has got everything you need!

It has a great quality sound, nice form factor, is very lightweight and compressed, and it has long lasting batteries and a USB cable for laptop/computer charging.

It is basically the perfect product! You will surely be able to fall asleep faster and have an uninterrupted sleep, all thanks to this!

Homedics HDS-1000 Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine

You could not believe it that in order to sleep better and fall asleep faster, you need to listen to a specific noise. Why don’t you try out the Homedics Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine to prove it?

Homedics HDS-1000 Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine


  • Has an advanced white noise therapy that offers four different tones
  • Contains tone control that allows you to manually adjust the tone of the white noise
  • Can be a bedside or portable. Use the adaptor or four “AA” batteries
  • Features a built-in timer that you can set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes


The Homedics Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine offers four different tones to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Its ‘soothe’ setting can be compared to a gentle rain as it comes with the lightest pitched tone which gently eases your mind.

The ‘mask’ setting is designed to mask outside distractions like highway traffic or noisy neighbors. The ‘relax’ is a unique one since it is modulated to disrupt interfering room noise like snoring.

Lastly, the deepest of all the settings, the ‘calm,’ which is perfect for those who suffer tinnitus–and children, too.

There is also a built in timer that lets you set the session length. You can choose from 30, 60 or 90 minutes. You can also put this on your bedside, and it is even ideal for portable use, really giving you a good night’s sleep wherever you are.

An adapter is also included or you can buy for ‘AA’ batteries if you want. Most parents also like how this noise machine produces a rich noise like that of the exhaust fan, car noise or a hair dryer that their babies absolutely enjoy.


You may not be able to bring it when you travel since it is a bit huge. Some were also not that happy with the sound because for them, it sounds just like a raspy TV. Others were also disappointed how it could just die.


This product has a lot more positive than negative feedback, which still makes it a recommendable white noise machine! It serves its purpose of letting you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

It also emits a steady frequency that mixes with other ambient frequencies to cover all of them up. So good bye sleeping troubles and say hello to the best sleeping experience ever with the Homedics Deep Sleep I White Noise Machine!

FIGERM Sleep Sound Therapy System

Do you need to buy a certain product that would let you listen to music to fall asleep quickly? The FIGERM White Noise Machine could be the one fit to be up for the task!

FIGERM White Noise Machine,Sleep Sound Therapy System with White Noise and Natural,Relaxing and Soothing Sounds with Lullabies to Help Sleep Easy and Deep


  • Provides ten high quality calming, soothing and relaxing sounds to create the most realistic and natural sleep environment
  • Has a timer for 15, 30, 60 and 90 minutes or a full night sleep option
  • Contains a LED screen sleep timer display when sound machine is working as well as clock when sound machine is turned off
  • Powered by either four ‘AA’ batteries (not included) or an AC adapter (included)


The FIGERM White Noise Machine is designed to provide you with a calming sound environment to make it easier to relax, concentrate or get some deep sleep.

You can choose from ten different soothing sounds including the white noise, brown noise, brook, rain, bird, ocean, typhoon, thunder, plus two other lullabies. There is also an adjustable sleep timer for gradual turn off.

You can choose for the product to automatically turn off after 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. But if you want an all night operation mode, that is also possible.

Other features also include an adjustable volume level setting plus, a LED screen that displays the sleep timer when the sound machine works as well as the clock when the sound machine is turned off.

You can take it wherever you go too! But you can buy four ‘AA’ batteries for a trip or use the AC USB adapter for home use


The rain loop is bad. The lullaby sounds were also not that soft and gentle. The speaker seems to be of poor quality too. Others were also not that comfortable with ‘how loud’ the lowest volume is.

Since some users are very sensitive to the volume, they prefer to have a much lower volume in which sadly, this product could not give them.


It still has high instead of low ratings and thus, this FIGERM White Noise Machine is highly recommendable for all those who have trouble sleeping. It is soothing and relaxing plus it is not very complicated to use.

It has a lot of sound options you can choose from, something that other white noise machines could not offer you.